Driver's Window Frame, 1993 Eagle Summit GTX (2.0L AWD Turbo) 

Rust was discovered in the base of the frame, under the rubber seal. The window frame is a 16g channel, with body contour overlays in 22g. The rust developed when water got between the channel and the contour. The extent of the rust suggested it started years ago.

The repair requires three fabricated sections, one (16g) in the frame channel (the rectangular hole) and two others (22g) to restore the shape of the body contour and hold the rubber seal.

The frame hole repaired. The inaccesible rust in the channel has been abrasive-blasted, chemically treated, then a zinc coating applied.

Outer frame contour preparation.

Outer frame contour repaired, before grinding.

Outer frame contour repaired, after grinding.

The rubber seal lip section before installation.  This is the most important section as the bent lip has to hold the rubber door seal in place.

The rubber seal lip section welded in, before grinding and filling.

The repaired frame after filling and sanding, before painting. Note the filled areas left of the welding that were pitted with rust.

This repair should last the remaining life of the vehicle.

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