New Suspension Struts

This Corolla had done over 145,000 km, and a test drive showed that all struts were long past their service life, though they were not leaking. Above 80 kmh the vehicle was in our view quite dangerous. The owner was persuaded to replace all four struts, and a set of KYB GR2 was sourced.

Replacing the Front Struts.

Once the old struts were removed, as expected the strut insulators required replacement because the bearings were worn out, and because of rust. New strut boot kits were also installed. The front calliper brake hoses are connected to the strut by a simple plate and bolt, and no brake line disassembly was required.

Removal and replacement took 2 hours.

Replacing the Rear Struts.

Removing the old struts requires that

The strut insulators did not require replacement, only some surface rust removal and painting. New strut boot kits were also installed.

Removal and replacement took 2.5 hours.

Test Drive

The new struts transformed the ride of the car, as would be expected. In particular, the new front strut insulators removed most of the road noise obvious with the old struts. The owner was very pleasantly surprised with the result.

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