Upgrading to Hella Projectors

The orginal headlights can be replaced with some effort. Hella DE 90mm projectors were chosen.












Lens Covers

Don't throw out the old lights, even of they are otherwise useless. The new lights look pretty lame without some lens covers. These can be manufactured out of fibreglass, but you already have the basic shape available.

  1. Cut the polycarbonate lenses off the old light assemblies.
  2. remove the white headlamp assembly bracket (shown below) that connects the reflector to the assembly, as this will get reused.

The old lens, now the lens cover, has holes cut in it. Use a hole saw to cut most of the required 100mm hole, and finish with a circular sanding wheel. Add brackets made of 1/2" polycarbonate, and if you like, bezel tubes made from 4" ABS tube.


The result (less the bezel tubes) looks like this.

...and installed

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