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Is this rust repairable, or just too difficult?

The rust on this Mazda Protege had been left untreated for some years, and may be too extensive to be worth repairing

To fix this properly the rear bumper cover has to be partially or fully removed, because there will be rust hidden behind it. The 2cm high rust region could easily extend 2-3cm below the bumper line. The inner guard will also be rusted and require partial replacement.


The rust here has eaten away the wheel arch inner and outer skins, and extends down to and into the door sill. The plastic sill tim panel will have to be removed, and there will be rust holes in the sill box section.

While this could all be repaired, it would require several hours of preparation to cut away the rust, plus extensive fabrication of replacement body sections. The ongoing rust in the sill box section can be slowed, but it can't be stopped, and will return.

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