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The Canadian information and product source for building Mitsubishi performance vehicles based on the 4G and 5G Lancer and derivatives, essecially the 4WD and AWD models. Also very familiar with 2002 - 2005 Subaru Impreza and 1998 - 2005 Forester.

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Take advantage of my 40 years of experience of building, maintaining and competing in performance vehicles, and fixing or restoring worn or broken consumer products.

Do you have a product that no-one can or will repair?

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Products listed here are either new, remanufactured or reconditioned, or a combination of all three. I provide a range of mechanical and electronic design and fabrication services for the cost-conscious automotive enthusiast.

Welding and Fabrication Services

I can provide MIG welding of mild steel and stainless steel, also design and fabrication of custom brackets and small assemblies. For example

  • minor exhaust system repairs such as broken hangers and some leaks. If the system is too rusted I'll advise you to get it replaced.
  • minor rust repairs. Please note I no longer do major panel, floor or door sill replacement.
  • repair or fabrication of mounting brackets and similar custom work.
  • Costs are on hourly basis and vary with the job.
  • Email me with your requirements.

Remanufacturing Service

While it often cheaper to replace a worn out, damaged or rusty assembly, sometimes it's desirable to repair or remanufacture it. For example,

  • the assembly is unobtainable or you want to retain the original part
  • a replacement part is outrageously expensive if purchased from the usual channels and esspecially from a dealer.
  • the part is in otherwise good condition except for dirt and surface rust, and just needs refinishing. A good example of this is suspension components.

I provide a remanufacturing service that includes

  • sandblasting and refinishing with polyurethane or powder paint.
  • press in/out replacement of suspension bushes, wheel bearings in front and rear knuckles.
  • reassembly of suspension systems, ready for installation.
  • Email me with your requirements. Sometimes I'll ask you to send a picture of the component.
  • You are responsible for removing the assemblies or components from your car. I'll take care of the rest, including initial cleaning of dirt, oil and grease.

Custom Electronic Design and Fabrication

Do you need a gauge cluster modification, or a specific small electronic switching or control device for your car? I provide a re-engineering, design and fabrication service, including professional circuit board fabrication, at competitive rates. Email me with your requirements, and we'll either tell you that you're out to lunch, it's possible but we don't have time or you don't have the money, or that we can do it.

4G Summit / Colt / Mirage Hella Projector headlamp brackets now available

A set of fabricated sheet steel brackets that mount these Hella projector headlamp units to replace the pathetic standard headlamp units.

Email me if getting a set of these brackets would be of interest.Getting 20 sets made is always cheaper per unit than 1 set.

4G Summit / Colt / Mirage Dash Dummy Switch replacement

4G's have three dummy switches on the dash, as shown here outlined in yellow.

The center switch position in the triple set above the vents is for the rarely optioned Cruise Control. This switch and cover bits appear to be still available new for around $ 70

The dummy double set above the LHS vent could be used for fog and/or driving lights (via relays), or any other purpose. These switches were never optioned in the US/Canada Summit/Colt/Mirage versions.

Would it be useful to you to convert these into operational switches? ... then read on!

It is possible to snap the center Hazard switch and Rear Window Timer switch into the dual dummy holder frame, but you must then modify the switch and dummy covers. Its fiddly to do, and the covers are not illuminated. The Timer switch is usable but not particularly useful unless you have an application where a timer would help.

Gauge pod modifications. I can modify or reconstruct a Mitsubishi gauge pod to fit your car. Shown here is a 1G AWD Talon pod modified to fit the 4G Colt / Lancer / Summit with a 4G63T. Other possible sources are the Expo minivan and 90-93 Galant / Eagle 2000 GTX. Custom gauges and electronic assemblies can be incorporated.

Please email with your requirements and for pricing.

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PayPal authorisation or Bank Cheque (which has to clear which can take days to weeks) with all orders. l'll happily accept returns under the following conditions:

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